Training opportunities are presently available for students at the bachelor's level 

Interested candidates presently enrolled in undergraduate physics or electrical engineering programs in Canada may apply directly to the CREATE program for term research internships. Submit CV, cover letter and transcripts to Mrs. Elvira Evangelista at eevangel@uottawa.ca

The CREATE program in extreme photonics is an elite program offering competitive internship stipends


The following projects are currently available


1. Stress-Induced Tuning of Single Quantum Dot Emission

Supervisor: Robin L. Williams

The student will undertake low temperature optical emission experiments on single InAs/InP quantum dots emitting at telecoms wavelengths. The quantum dots are produced using a nano-templating technique that results in single dots positioned at the apex of InP nano-pyramids. The emission wavelength of these dots can be tuned using stresses applied to the periphery of the pyramids. The student will undertake a series of experiments to characterise this effect through the deposition of surface dielectric stressors to the pyramids.

2. Optical Spectroscopy of InAs Quantum Dots in Nanowires

Supervisor: Robin L. Williams

The student will be responsible for characterizing the emission properties of single InAs quantum dots embedded within InP nanowires as a function of quantum dot size, composition and strain. The wires are produced using a VLS (Vapour Liquid Solid) technique that results in carefully controlled InAs dots nucleated within each wire. To use the quantum dot as a source of singe photons requires an understanding of how the emission characteristics depend upon dot size, composition and strain.

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