Scientific Advisory Board 

Dr. Corkum, Principal Investigator.

Dr. Michael Scott, Executive Director of the Canadian Photonics Consortium, Chair of the Ottawa Photonics Cluster, Independent Consultant, Corporate Advisor to Bookham, and Adjunct Professor at uOttawa. He held a number of research and development positions in optical fibres, silicon, gallium arsenide and optical devices. As a former Vice-Preisdent Technolgy and Product Development at Nortel networks and Chief Technology Officer at Bookham he is familiar with the Canadian Photonics landscape and brings a corporate perspective to photonics training. 

Dr. Siegfried Janz is the Group Leader of the Optoelectronic Devices Group, Institute for Microstructural Sciences, NRC. An expert in silicon photonics, his research on silicon-based devices and their applications in spectroscopy, photonic interconnects and biological sensing will broaden the scope of the initiative. 

Dr. Stephan Mihailov is the Program Manager of the Optical Communications and Electrophotonics Program, Communication Research Center, and an Adjunct Professor at uOttawa. An expert in passive fibre devices, his interests and experience on the application of ultrafast lasers to fibres provides a sytong link to federal labs funded by Industry Canada.

Dr. Ashok Balakrishnan is a co-founder of Enablence Inc. He has extensive product development and commercialisation expertise spanning several markets, including spectroscopy, telecommunications, and biophotonics. His academic and industrial experience will help guide the CREATE program. 

Dr. Ahmed Atieh, BTI photonics, is a project manager of high-speed optical communications systems. An expert on the system impact of chromatic dispersion at 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s, he will provide insight on requirements for future >100 Gb/s optical networks.

Dr. Thomas Davis, Science and Technology Branch at Environment Canada, coordinates research and regulatory needs for both emerging priorities such as nanotechnology and biotechnology as well as for Government of Canada's Chemicals Management Plan. His expertise lies in transport and modeling of contaminants such as heavy metals or nanomaterials across biological membranes, especially within the context of environmental and biological matrices. 

Dr. Zhiping Jiang is a Senior Optical Designer at Nortel Networks. His expertise in high-speed optical communications (10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s systems, optical amplified line systems) and Ultrafast optoelectronics (THz generation, detection and applications) will be valuable to the program.

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